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I work at Automattic, purveyor of fine web services such as WordPress.com and Akismet. My role is data wrangler, which means I use data to help solve problems and still write a lot of code.

Previously, I was the founding engineer at a startup called Maya’s Mom which was acquired by BabyCenter. I continued working for BabyCenter as VP of Engineering, leading the engineering team developing new features and services for millions of moms around the world.

I worked briefly at CNET as a consultant on the Haystack storage project, which was a massive storage solution for the Webshots photo sharing site. We basically built a closed Amazon S3 system a month or two prior to Amazon, they smartly did an open service.

I cut my technical chops at E-TRADE Financial for many years during the go-go dotcom days. I worked in the Architecture group on problems such as site scalability and performance. I also led the embracing of open source and converting the data center to Linux and open services such as Apache and Tomcat, which were radical ideas back then.


I’m a Bay Area native, growing up in San Jose and now living with my wife and two daughters on the peninsula in San Carlos. I remember when there were more orchards than start-ups in the valley, which might explain my love of gardening.

When I had more time, see daughters, I was an avid photographer working traditional black+white stuff in the darkroom and everything. I’ve since gone digital, sold most of my equipment and mostly take pictures of my girls. You can view my photography at mkaz.wordpress.com but I need to clean up and organize it better. Need to clean the garage and closets too, some stuff is always on everyone’s todo list.

I hope you enjoy my site.

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