More Football Ramblings...

ok, I’m sitting here watching the Pro Bowl, which is pretty boring but I’m bored and doing laundry so my TV is on making some noise in the background. Sports broadcasting is getting pretty bad and I’m not just talking about Fox. Ironically I think it is their attempt to get people closer or more interested in the game by mixing it up. Unfortunately it just sucks.

Case 1: The players being miked up. This is by far one of the dumbest things in all broadcasting. It seems like every time they show a player miked up on a play, all you hear is him huffing and puffing and an occasional “woo!”

Case 2: The alternate camera angles, aka SKYCAM. I can appreciate the attempt for the directors to mix up and try to show new shots and angles. But these overhead shots do not work, please stop trying to force them to. They are horrible on kickoffs and only marginal for any run play.

Case 3: Pre-game shows, latest-music-industry-plug singing National Anthem plus all halftime shows

… and ESPN please fire Theisman and Paul Maguire these are angry hateful men who suck the life out of and ruin watching football. SI agrees, as well as Paul, jotsheet , and Dan

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