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Grand Meetup 2013

A set of photos from our company Grand Meetup, which was over a week in San Francisco and Santa Cruz. Automattic is a distributed company with over 200+ employees in 80+ cities and 20+ countries around the world. We gather once a year to get together, work and celebrate.

Executive Ping Pong
Cheerios Coding
Ping Pong Tournament
At the Giants Game
On the Field
Pre-game Stretch
Town Hall
Sunrise on the Wharf
Sunrise on the Dream Inn
Sunrise and the Birds
Dream Inn
Sunrise and Wharf
Beach and Boardwalk
Dream Inn
Boardwalk Seating
Big Dipper
Tables and Beach
Birds and Wharf
Sea Lion
Sea Lions
Sunrise and Boats

Stephane Daury flips for the Grand Meetup



Jeff Bowen says:

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It was a great time with my amazing colleagues! The downside of working remotely is its so rare that we get to hang out in “Meat space” as the kids these days are keen to say (so I’m told).

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