Outsourcing Christmas

Christmas Lights

On my way to work the other day, I saw an ad for professional Christmas light installers, “we specialize in residential”. Really!? Who outsources hanging up their Christmas lights? To me this is a part of the holiday traditions. Is it such a horrible task that you can’t bother with it, why even put them up then?

I hope it isn’t the competitive nature of having the best lights on the block. I’d rather hang my sad crooked strands with my daughters than have the most amazing lights hung by someone else.

Your life are these small moments. I remember as a kid every year my Dad going into the attic to get down the Christmas stuff. When we were young we started holding the ladder for him, and then it was momentous when you were allowed to go up there yourself to help get things down.

What is more important that you pass up experiencing your holiday traditions? I know Thanksgiving dinners are now pre-packaged and cooked for you, personal shoppers are already there. Are you going to hire people to trim the Christmas tree for you? Oh wait, fake trees which come pre-decorated. Sigh.

Cutting Down Christmas Tree
It was another family tradition for us to drive up to the Santa Cruz mountains, cut down our tree and eat donuts and play at a nearby school. My wife and I have kept this tradition, though we now go to Half Moon Bay, but we still have donuts. :-)

I know we are all busy and there is so much to do, but take the time to enjoy these small things. What will you remember from these holidays, quality time Facebookin’ or watching TV?

I’m looking forward to crawling up into my attic in a couple weeks and having my daughters hold the ladder.