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Together, Alone

A series I started while doing my street photography challenge. I didn’t necessarily start out trying to capture individuals by themselves or have much of an idea. I just went out and shot. While reviewing several sets of film after it came back I began to notice the pattern.

With this series and my recently published El Camino series, I’ve been holding back and releasing a set of photos at once instead of single posts with single photos. I’m still debating this over in my mind, I like the series aspect because they can work together and be more cohesive. However, any single photos doesn’t need to be as strong to stand alone, so I might publish something that I wouldn’t otherwise.



The fisher’s my favourite

My favorite is the one with the monster — shown on the front-page of the series, but seems to be missing from this page (is it the WordPress featured image?)

Fixed – post-type difference. I switched themes recently and my old theme showed it in Gallery post-type and the new one didn’t. Switched it to a standard post type and its there now.

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