Export direct from Lightroom to WordPress

A new plugin released today adds to Lightroom the ability to export straight to your WordPress Media Library. A handy feature which saves the hassle of exporting to your desktop and then uploading to your site.

It works directly with WordPress.com, for a self-hosted site, it requires the Jetpack plug-in.



  1. Download Lightroom to WordPress.com plugin and unzip.

  2. Install Plug-in: run Export, click “Plug-in Manager…” and then “Add” .lrplugin file.

  3. Connect your blog: run Export, select WordPress.com at very top and then login

  4. Export as normal and instead of saving to your hard drive the photo saves to your site’s media library

  5. Bonus: if you run multiple sites, you can setup and save custom Export Presets for each site. So if the maximum image size is different per site you create presets for each.

Check out the WordPress.com announcement for more.

Disclaimer: I work for Automattic, who runs WordPress.com, Jetpack, and it was my team who developed this plug-in. Send all kudos to John Godley who worked on it.

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Like it!. The lightroom export progress bar is a bit deceiving.. I exported 75 photos… and it didn’t show progress.. just a flash of bar on completion…
Does it export the ‘People’ metadata?

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