Fujifilm X-Pro2 Tips

Here are a couple of tips for using the Fuji X-Pro2, the tips might apply to your camera even if not the XP2.

Hand Grip Base Plate

One of my favorite accessories for the X-Pro2 is the metal hand grip, which also comes with a metal base plate. The hand grip improves the handling of the camera, especially when shooting one handed; but I really like it for the plate.

The base plate does double duty. First, it has the Arca-Swiss compatible groove so the camera is always ready for a tripod, assuming you use a tripod with that mount, but it is the most common with plates and ball heads readily available.

Secondly, the all metal base plate offers a layer of protection on the bottom of the camera. It is the first in line to take the scrapes and bangs that happen. After 3+ months using my camera, I can take the plate off and it looks practically brand new.

Exposure Compensation Dial

My biggest gripe with the X-Pro2 is the exposure compensation dial and that it accidentally gets moved while using my camera. Often the first couple of shots will be over/under exposed or more if I don’t chimp, see below. This is a common problem — see here, here, here, and here — I hope Fuji addresses it with a software fix since there is no hardware lock.

There is a solution, though rather inelegant, but it works. You set the exposure compensation dial to C, and then adjust compensation using the front wheel by pushing in and rotate to change. This also gives 5 stops of control where the top dial only gives 3.

You then need to fix the top dial so it won’t turn, this requires a bit of black tape over the dial. I used some electrical tape I had around. This fixes the dial in place, so no more accidental changes, and exposure can still be adjusted using the front wheel.

Save Battery Life

To get the most out of your batteries, use the optical viewfinder and no auto image reviews after you shoot. I tend to use the camera more like a film camera, it is common that I won’t ever look at the back LCD when I’m out shooting. I trust the exposures and my presets, another reason the exposure compensation dial accidentally getting turned is frustrating.

I can go out several days of shooting without needing a recharge, I still always carry extra batteries with me but never need them – only if I forget to put the batteries back in. Also, why I love the 2 SD slots on the XP2. I don’t need it for capacity but because I always leave an SD card in the computer.

I hope the tips help, a couple of ways I try to get the most out of the camera. Let me know in the comments if you nave any tips or pointers to share.

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