Mike Matheny, a former catcher, was just named manager of the St. Louis Cardinals. This got me thinking, knowing that Bruce Bochy and Joe Girardi were both former catchers, what’s the distribution of former positions of MLB managers. It turns out catchers are by far the most popular former position for a manager, with ten […]

I discovered the Baseball-Databank, a database of wonderful baseball stats that you can download. So now my math+data geek and baseball geek can merge until an uber dork. So don’t be surprised over the next several weeks as the baseball season is about to get underway and hope is in the air, to see plenty […]

My era begins with Joe Montana. I enjoyed the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders as a kid, but I didn’t really know what I was watching. So sorry, Bradshaw and Plunkett this list starts in 1980. Ranking the top Quarterbacks based on Winning Percentage, Championship Game Record and Super Bowl Record. It’s all about the […]

For the first time in recorded history, I won our Fantasy Football league. woo hoo! Oddly enough, I had horribly running backs this year, sorry Maroney you may go undefeated but you were a fantasy bust. None of my running backs were in the top 20 based on yardage. However, my receiving core was solid […]

Following up on my previous article with the prediction, Alex Rodriquez will become the all time home run leader with his 760th home run on Sept 23rd, 2012. He’ll pass Barry Bonds’ mark of 759 home runs also set on Sept 23rd, 5 years previous. Prediction for A-Rod’s next five seasons leading up to the […]

Barry Bonds is probably going to break the home run record in the next few months. Though I’m not sure why people are making such a big deal about it, the record is going to be about as short lived as McGwire’s single season record. A-Rod is clearly going to be breaking Barry’s record in […]

It’s March Madness time again which means time to fill out the tournament brackets. So I’m sure we are all wondering what the odds are to pick a perfect bracket, all 64 games picked exactly right. The straight odds calculations is relatively easy, for each 64 games you must pick the right outcome out of […]

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