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Non-Natural Light

I haven’t been able to get good results using a flash, ever. My photos usually end up too bright, too dark, or just bad with weird reflections. […]

Twelves #4 – Shutterfest

My April edition of Twelves project is a set from Shutterfest. Shutterfest is a photography conference in St. Louis that focuses on hands-on learning and lots and […]

Twelves #3 – Spring

The third installment in my Twelves project was focused on Spring and includes three looks at Spring time. There is something a little magical about Spring, coming […]


For 2017, my year long project is to create a series a month, twelve series with twelve photos in each. Each month I’ll focus on a single […]

Roll 59, 2016

The final week of my 52 rolls project, posting a roll of film a week for 52 weeks. The last roll is a roll of Kodak Ektar […]

High Desert

Each Christmas we travel down to the Palmdale/Lancaster area to visit my wife’s family. My wife lived there as a teenager and not really a fan of […]

Roll 57, 2016

Roll #57 is on the penultimate week to my 52 rolls project, since I’m right down to the end and ending at around 60 total rolls, I […]

Roll 53, 2016

Roll 53 is a roll of JCH Streetpan taken with my Nikon FM2. A set of shots from a couple of hikes to Lost Lake in Whistler, […]

Roll 51, 2016

Roll 51 is another roll of Kodak Portra shot on the Contax G2. The astute observer will notice another roll got skipped. Roll #50 was a bit […]

Roll 49, 2016

Roll 49 is a roll of Kodak Portra shot on the Contax G2, of all the different films and camera shot throughout the project, this might be […]

Roll 48, 2016

Roll 48 is a roll of Fuji Natura 1600, which turned out very muddy and not that interesting. I shot the film previously in Roll 14 with […]

White Oaks

White Oaks is a neighborhood in San Carlos, the town I live in California. The neighborhood is named after the great oak trees that are found throughout, […]

Roll 47, 2016

Roll 47 is a roll of Kodak Portra shot on a Contax G2. The Contax is a wonderful camera with a fantastic Zeiss lens system. I think […]

Roll 46, 2016

Roll 46 is a roll of JCH Streetpan shot with a Contax lens on the Yashica FR-1. My previous shots with the Yashica were a bit spotty […]

Roll 45, 2016

Roll 45 is a roll of Kodak Portra shot on a Fujifilm Klasse. The Klasse is a pretty sophisticated point-and-shoot camera with a high quality fixed lens. […]

Grand Meetup 2016

A set of photos from Automattic’s Grand Meetup 2016, see my photos from previous years 2015, 2014, and 2013. This year we were in beautiful Whistler, British […]

Stanford Today

Stanford continues to be near the center of activity for Silicon Valley. The University continues to grow, attracting entrepreneur minded students, and perpetuating a progressive ethos that […]

Roll 44, 2016

Roll 44 is once again a roll of Kodak Portra shot on Nikon FM2n. I skipped roll 43 which was fairly mediocre, part of some film camera […]

Samsung Research

Samsung located Samsung Research and Innovation Center in Sunnyvale moving in 2014. The campus includes several buildings and is located across the freeway from Moffett Field.


Evernote was founded by Stepan Pachikov in 2007, with the Evernote web service opening in beta in June 2008. Originally founded in Sunnyvale, Evernote moved to the […]

Y Combinator

Y Combinator was founded in March 2005 in Mountain View by Paul Graham, Jessica Livingston, Robert Morris and Trevor Blackwell. Y Combinator is a venture capital firm […]


Box was founded in 2005 by Aaron Levie, which started as a college project while he was a student at USC. Levie cofounded the company with his […]


Facebook launched its website on February 4, 2004, developed by Mark Zuckerberg with his Harvard roommates and friends. By summer 2004, the company moved out to Palo […]