Christmas in SoCal

Merry Christmas 🎄 from Seal Beach, California. It wasn’t a hot day, but warm enough to surf and play in the sand a few days before Christmas.

Driving at Night

I recently came across Will Yurman’s A Day A Photo project, where he has posted a photo a day for 15 years and going! Sadly, I haven’t posted anything for 8 months, so this post will start off a new effort to post more frequently. I’m going to try a daily photo and see how… Continue reading Driving at Night

Bag Review: Synapse 25

My review of the Tom Bihn Synapse 25 backpack. The Synapse is a flexible backpack that works well for local day-to-day use, and is just as great for meetups and longer trips. The backpack is sturdy and strong, the materials are high quality and feels like it can withstand just about any abuse. I brought it as… Continue reading Bag Review: Synapse 25

The Reduction Print

Reduction printing is a method for creating a multi-color print. Compared to using multiple blocks, one for each color; the reduction method uses the same block carving away as you go. This method is also called a Suicide Print, since you carve away each layer, the act of creation is an equal act of destruction.… Continue reading The Reduction Print

MLK Dream Print

As mentioned in my previous post, I've started working on block prints, specifically linoleum cuts, or linocuts for short. Here is a look at the process I used to create the Dream print I published today. It takes a bit more than a photo, all together the print probably took 5+ hours over a week.… Continue reading MLK Dream Print

A New Old Medium

Once a month a parent leads an art lesson for my daughter's first grade class. We trade off who runs the lessons with other parents assisting, in December it was my turn to lead a lesson on print making with foam blocks. During my run through of the lesson at home our results were just… Continue reading A New Old Medium


A set of autumn photos from around town. Who says California doesn't have seasons and changing leaves. Ok, might not be to the extent of a New England Fall, but I'll take what we've got.

Town of Colma

Colma is a small town a few miles south of San Francisco. The city is one of the stops along the El Camino Real and the adjacent railroad line. With just 1,500 residents, Colma is the smallest city in San Mateo County. The Colma Station, pictured above, now sits at the Colma Historical Museum  moved… Continue reading Town of Colma

Salsa Festival

The Redwood City 10th Annual Salsa Festival featured hot sauce and salsa dancing, I focused on the sauce. The salsa tasting competition included 8 competitors from mild to spicy, though none even got close to my perfect spiciness, defined by: The perfect salsa is just hot enough that you can't stop eating, because when you… Continue reading Salsa Festival

New Almaden

One of the reasons for the Bay Area's prosperity and growth is from the mercury mines in south San Jose. The New Almaden Quicksilver Mine was the largest, richest mine in California history, more than any gold mine. They  were named after mercury mines in Almaden, Spain. There is still a small town tucked down… Continue reading New Almaden

Twelves #9 – City Beautification

I quite enjoy the art projects and surprises around Redwood City. The painting of utility boxes is a great idea turning unsightly but necessary utility boxes into canvases for artists. Another fun art project in Redwood City is the various shadows on the ground. They are little surprises scattered about the city, such a delight… Continue reading Twelves #9 – City Beautification

Lost Lake by Day

At our company meetup, Alex and Matt challenged each other to photoblog more often. The challenge was also put out to the company, thus my official first entry in the #photomattchallenge at least one photo every other week to my site. Also, I will only use the new Gutenberg editor which is a new editor for… Continue reading Lost Lake by Day

Twelves #8 – Sturbridge

Old Sturbridge Village is a re-creation of an 1830’s New England Village, a large outdoor living history museum. The village sits on 200 acres and consists of 40 original buildings you can explore, including homes, meetinghouses, a school, country store, bank, pottery and glass trade shops. Sturbridge Village is a great way to see how… Continue reading Twelves #8 – Sturbridge

Fuji-X Film Simulations

One of the great things about using Fujifilm X-Series cameras is the wonderful film simulations, they are also one of the worst things. There are a handful of films each with different highlight, shadow, and color tweaks that can be applied to each. So with the various combination of settings, you can quickly be overwhelmed.… Continue reading Fuji-X Film Simulations

Twelves #6 – County Fair

A Day at the County Fair is the June set for my Twelves project. This one ended up being a little more challenging since I was at the Fair to enjoy with my family and photography was secondary. Lots of great opportunities but my attention was more focused on my kids and enjoying it.