Homemade Lens #3

lens photo not available

Original Lens: 80mm Mamiya 645 lens
Cost: $80

I bought this lens used at Adolph Gassers. The lens gave pretty good quality but like Homemade Lens #2 the focal length was a little long; I wanted a wider angle. So I ended up selling it at B&H Photo in New York for Homemade Lens #4

Construction: I used heavy duty plastic from an old photo bag, some cardboard, glue, tape, rubber bands and a Nikon mount taken from a extension tube. I used the cardboard to create a thin platform that I attached the lens mount via superglue. The cardboard gave more surface to tape and attach the plastic to.

I then rubber banded the lens inside of the plastic. Using just rubber bands allowed me to quickly take the lens out so I could adjust the aperture when needed.

Here are a few sample photos:

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