Homemade Lens #5

homemade lens #5

Original Lens: Tominon 105mm f/4.5 Enlarging lens
Cost: 2 lenses for $7

I went into Keeble & Schucat and was talking to one of the guys there about my homemade lenses. Looking over some of their used enlarger equipment I found two of these lenses which he sold both to me for $7. score! He said that might have been part of some old Polaroid reproduction machines.

Again, I used an old photo bag, heavy dark plastic, and taped and rubber banded the lens to an lens mount taken off an extension tube. I made a cardboard base for the lens mount to give it some sturdiness.

The focal length lens is a little too long for my taste, it works pretty well though. It was the primary lens I used on my 3-week trip to Japan. On the trip though I had to perform a few mending jobs with tape, which ended up fixing the aperture to f/8.

People definitely give you strange looks when using this and twisting it all around. I even had someone take a picture of my camera/lens get up.

homemade lens #5
Lens and Camera

Here are some sample photos:

Guest Photographer (Yotowoti)
Handheld on his Canon 20D

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