Homemade Lens #6

homemade lens #6

Original Lens: Holga 60mm (plastic)
Cost: $15

My other lenses were giving me just too much clarity, I wanted to try something a little rougher. I had an extra Holga lying around so I pried the lens off and created a homemade Holga Nikon.

Again, I used an old photo bag, heavy dark plastic, and taped the lens to a lens mount taken off an extension tube.

Update: The initial modification had the lens handheld in front of the camera, the Stanford photos below are an example of this. A little too blurry, so I modified the lens and attached it directly to a nikon mount. So now it behaves very much like a normal lens, except it's cheap plastic. It still gives fairly good shots, sharper than I expected.

Lens Mod #1: Stanford University

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