Homemade Lens #7

homemade lens #7

Original Lens: Bovha-3 80m
Cost: ?

I found a cheap medium format Russian optics lens, this one looks to have some great potential. I think I bought the lens on eBay, but it's been sitting around for awhile, so I forget how much I paid. Not much, I'm sure.

I also built a whole new mount, cardboard, bag get up which is a bit widerl to keep the bag out of the photo. I've had numerous shots ruined because the bag bunched up inside and blocking the frame. I also used a lighter weight nylon instead of the heavier photo bag, it works nicely. I got my fabric from cutting up the top of a golf bag cover.

homemade lens #7

A flickr user (e50e) had a good idea for a mount which was to drill out a body cap and tape the bag to that. This seems like it would work well because the body cap has a nice area you could tape something too. The mounts I've been using are real thin. Something to try in the future.

Sample Photos:

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