Fuji-X Film Simulations

One of the great things about using Fujifilm X-Series cameras is the wonderful film simulations, they are also one of the worst things. There are a handful of films each with different highlight, shadow, and color tweaks that can be applied to each. So with the various combination of settings, you can quickly be overwhelmed. […]

Fujifilm X-Pro2 Tips

Here are a couple of tips for using the Fuji X-Pro2, the tips might apply to your camera even if not the XP2. Hand Grip Base Plate One of my favorite accessories for the X-Pro2 is the metal hand grip, which also comes with a metal base plate. The hand grip improves the handling of […]

The Label of Art & Artists

In his book Orbiting the Giant Hairball, Gordon MacKenzie tells the following story when he goes around to schools to teach and what happens when he asks the children “Are you an artist?” When asked to the 1st grade class, they would all enthusiastically raise their hands, proud to be artists. In 2nd grade, only […]

Does the camera make a difference?

I love gear, old cameras are great. They are beautiful objects by themselves, there is something about the high precision and craftsmanship. Its like old watches or cars, both I can really appreciate the design and craftsmanship. However, I have no desire to collect either, and not just because they are more expensive, or in […]

Olympus Trip 35, a fun camera

The Olympus Trip 35 is a fixed lens 35mm rangefinder camera, it is a fun little camera. The camera was made in the 60’s as a travel camera and still is perfect for trips. It has a great lens and is easy to use, and that’s about all of its features. The camera is simple, […]

Calculating an Exposure

No light meter? No problem! Announcing, Light WTF, a mobile web app used to calculate your exposure. The site includes a general exposure calculator, as well as specialty calculators for Pinhole Exposures and Moonlight Exposures. Please try them out and let me know any feedback. I find them quite useful when using old manual film […]

Consistency in Photography

As I was putting together a second set of photos for my El Camino Real series, I noticed lots of minor variances and inconsistencies comparing newer photos with the first set. This highlighted a challenge I, and likely many others, have in photography: maintaining a level of consistency throughout a project as you work on […]

What camera should I buy?

“What camera should I buy?” is by far the most common question I get asked. So to gather my thoughts together, here is my definitive and opinionated answer. Do you need a new camera? Let’s get this out of the way first, the real answer is that if you already have a camera, or even […]

Bronica ETRSi 645

The Bronica ETRSi 645 is a great budget friendly medium format camera system, a great deal in the film world. The Bronica is a high quality camera and fantastic lenses that can deliver amazing results. It doesn’t have the hype and lore of a Hasselblad, nor the cost, but can almost match it in picture […]

Manufactured Landscapes, Edward Burtynsky

Manufactured Landscapes is the first major retrospective of Edward Burtynsky’s work, published in 2003. The book is a beautiful collection of several series that he has created, these are Railcuts, Mines and Tailings, Quarries, Urban Mines, Oil Fields and Refineries, and Shipbreaking. Burtynsky creates amazing photos of large scale projects, and landscapes; looking at the […]

Color Film Tests

The results of testing out various film stocks to see what they look like and how they shoot. I tried to shot all photos consistently, all taken with Nikon F6 camera with auto exposure and matrix-metering, no exposure compensation. The majority are shot with Nikon 50mm f/1.8 lens, though I might of used a 50mm […]

Composition, Elements and Framing

The above photo looks like an interesting story. Why is she hiding from her upset father? Is that really her father, how much trouble is she going to get into when he finds her? What did she do to upset him? However, the above stories would all be wrong. The power of cropping the image […]

Photography Fundamentals

Getting into photography can be intimidating with all the jargon and technical terms. Your camera itself is pretty intimidating with the dials, menus and buttons galore. This guide is to explain some of the fundamentals and help improve your photography. Photography: Light and Time Photography is all about recording light, which is exactly the definition […]

Tripod Not Required

Night photography usually means bringing a tripod and setting up for long exposures. This doesn’t have to always be the case, here are two ideas on taking some shots at night, no tripod required. Bokeh Lights One such type of shot you can take without a tripod is bokeh lights. Bokeh is simply the aesthetic […]

Film Mistakes

I mentioned yesterday my desire for a panorama film back for the Bronica ETRSi. I actually purchased a 35mm back which I thought was this back I wanted. It wasn’t. I discovered this after shooting a roll through, there are two different backs for the Bronica system. The 135N back, which I bought, allows for […]

8 Years Film, 8 Years Digital

I noticed the other day I’ve been shooting digital for about as long as I shot film, this observation prompted this retrospective on my gear history and future. I started to get “serious” about photography back in 1999, my first camera was a Canon EOS 3, the pro-sumer autofocus technical marvel of the time; it […]

Small World, a photo exhibit

I started an idea for a photo exhibit over 14 years ago and haven’t done much with it since the initial burst. I cleaned up my photos and came across the original scans I made, all the shots were done on black and white film. I may or may not add to it down the […]

Fuji X-T1 Review

Last year I wrote about my new Fuji X100s camera; it was (and still is) a great camera, one of my all-time favorites. However, as the tech and camera world goes, something new comes along and Fuji announced the interchangeable lens X-T1 just a few months after I purchased the X100s. The XT-1 is everything […]