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Film Mistakes

I mentioned yesterday my desire for a panorama film back for the Bronica ETRSi. I actually purchased a 35mm back which I thought was this back I […]

What’s in my night photography bag?

Here’s almost everything pulled out of my typical bag I carry for a night photography shoot. It is a bit more than I normally carry, but night […]

8 Years Film, 8 Years Digital

I noticed the other day I’ve been shooting digital for about as long as I shot film, this observation prompted this retrospective on my gear history and […]

Small World, a photo exhibit

I started an idea for a photo exhibit over 14 years ago and haven’t done much with it since the initial burst. I cleaned up my photos […]

Thoughts on B&W and Color Photography

I set out on a 30-day challenge to shoot Street Photography, which I define as people in an urban environment; with a strong emphasis on people. I’m […]

My Street Photography Challenge

I’ve started a “30-day” challenge to primarily shoot street photography, it likely will go longer than 30-days but will be at least that long. I hope to […]

Fuji X-T1 Review

Last year I wrote about my new Fuji X100s camera; it was (and still is) a great camera, one of my all-time favorites. However, as the tech […]

Intro to Night Photography

Overview The long exposures of night photography allow for surprises and interesting results, but low light and long exposures can be a bit tricky. This guide will […]

Photo Year in Review 2014

On Sept 3, I started a photo streak publishing a photo each day. I was disappointed I had only published 16 photos previously. I don’t remember what […]

My New Camera – Fuji X100s

My new camera is a Fuji X100s, I sold a bunch of my old manual cameras and lenses and picked up this Fuji rangefinder. I’ve had the […]

Diptych Diptych

A double diptych. I recently came across a great tutorial by Jay Watson, using Lightroom to create Diptychs He shows an easy way to create a template […]

Costa Rica Sunset

46 sunsets in 23 minutes. I was playing with the interval shooting mode on my Nikon D700, which allowed me to set my camera up to take […]

Best of Photojournalism 2006

I was very surprised and proud to find out that my Foster City Carnival photo set received 3rd place in the National Press Photographers Best of Photojournalism […]

Introducing the Holga Nikon

My latest homemade lens creations, the Holga Nikon. It is exactly as it sounds, a Holga lens mounted on a Nikon FE-2 body. My other homemade lenses […]

Tips for Night Photography

Overview Night photography is one of my favorite branches of the photography tree. It is not your standard shots: long exposures at night allow for surprises and […]

Open Shutter by Michael Wesely

When I first heard about Michael Wesely’s project to photograph the entire construction of the Museum of Modern Art as single three year exposures I was amazed […]

Homemade Lenses

After being impressed by several photographers on the web and the results they achieved with homemade or tilt-shift lenses, I decided to build one of my own. […]

Homemade Bellows Lens

Nikon FE2 with Homemade Bellows Lens Overview I was inspired by Justin Ouellette’s homemade lens, who was inspired by John Perkinson’s homemade lens, who was inspired by […]

Exposures for Moonlight Photography

Overview Taking a photo of a scene that is only illuminated by moonlight requires a long exposure and best done around a full moon. There is a […]

Architecture by Hiroshi Sugimoto

I first saw this set of work as an exhibit at the SFMOMA and was captivated by the beauty in the simplicity. Sugimoto’s photographs of architecture are […]

Home Front by Peter Elliott

I first heard about Home Front reading an interview of Peter Elliott in LensWork magazine, which also featured photos from the book. In the interview they discussed […]

Photoshop Elements

I recently purchased Photoshop Elements 2.0 since the new version supports Mac OS X. I was previously using an older version of Photoshop, my last remaining Mac […]