South of Market, Janet Delaney

South of Market is a photography book focusing on a San Francisco neighborhood during a time of urban renewal during the 1970’s and 80’s. This review covers the exhibition catalog that accompanied the de Young exhibit. The original hardcover book is sold out and now quite expensive. Janet Delaney is a photographer who moved to… Continue reading South of Market, Janet Delaney

Manufactured Landscapes, Edward Burtynsky

Manufactured Landscapes is the first major retrospective of Edward Burtynsky’s work, published in 2003. The book is a beautiful collection of several series that he has created, these are Railcuts, Mines and Tailings, Quarries, Urban Mines, Oil Fields and Refineries, and Shipbreaking. Burtynsky creates amazing photos of large scale projects, and landscapes; looking at the… Continue reading Manufactured Landscapes, Edward Burtynsky

Open Shutter by Michael Wesely

When I first heard about Michael Wesely’s project to photograph the entire construction of the Museum of Modern Art as single three year exposures I was amazed and intrigued. The concept of making a three year exposure is quite bold and daring; Wesely was able to achieve spectacular results. Unfortunately, my technical curiosity on how… Continue reading Open Shutter by Michael Wesely