Roll 20, 2016

Roll 20 is my last roll of Agfa Vista 400, the color and results from this roll were a bit disappointing. They’re from an overcast day shooting the remains of Candlestick Park, once a football stadium, now a construction site. Shots taken on: Nikon F6, 50mm f/1.8, Agfa Vista 400 Developed and scanned by The… Continue reading Roll 20, 2016

Roll 19, 2016

Roll 19 is a roll of Agfa Vista 400, which is an inexpensive film, I prefer Portra but Agfa is about half the cost and not too bad when you have plenty of light. The difference is only $4 per roll, which isn’t that much, but can add up if you shoot a lot. Shots… Continue reading Roll 19, 2016

Roll 17, 2016

Roll 17 is a roll of Cinestill 800T shot on a road trip to Portland. Cinestill is an interesting film. I really like using it for night, which I did for Roll #8. The film is balanced for tungsten light, which results in a cool color cast for day shots, which you can see in… Continue reading Roll 17, 2016

Roll 12, 2016

Roll #12 is a roll of Kodak Portra 400. A few shots of a radio tower and building out on the bay in Redwood Shores and from around the neighborhood. Shots taken on: Nikon F6, 50mm f/1.8, Kodak PortraDeveloped and scanned by The FIND Lab

Roll 6, 2016

Roll #6 is my second roll of Lomography 400 color film. I’m getting down to shooting just my standard film stock, which is primarily Kodak Portra. I have a few rolls of Cinestill around, plus just backed their 120 film campaign on Indiegogo. Oh yeh, I also just ordered two rolls of Fuji Natura 1600… Continue reading Roll 6, 2016

Roll 5, 2016

Roll #5 is a roll of Lomography 400 color film. I had two rolls of the Lomo film still around from my film tests, so this and next week are shot on that film.

Roll 4, 2016

Roll #4 is a roll of Kodak Portra 160. Portra might be my favorite film that is still available, however ISO 160 is a bit tough to work with—the variable light sensitivity is one of the biggest pluses digital has going for it.

Roll 3, 2016

The third roll in my 52 rolls project, a roll of Fuji Superia. This is one of the last rolls of miscellaneous film I had lying around. I really struggled to capture the second shot with the couple eating lunch. It has such potential, but 5-stories up and with only a 50mm and no other… Continue reading Roll 3, 2016

Roll 1, 2016

Week 1 of a new project I’m starting, 52 Rolls, shooting a roll of film a week for 2016. Everything won’t quite be real time, since (1) film doesn’t work that way and (2) I send my film out for processing and typically send multiple rolls at a time, turnaround time is about a week.… Continue reading Roll 1, 2016