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A Walk to Alta Lake

The last post in my Whistler series, see previous posts: day, night, and spooky. After so many trips to Lost Lake, John and I wanted a change […]

Lost Lake Park

While out doing night photography with a group , I took a break from shooting the lake and stars and walked around Lost Lake Park. You can […]

Lost Lake By Night

A group of us went out to Lost Lake to shoot at night, with hope to see the northern lights. Supposedly, it was good aurora season, we’re […]

Lost Lake by Day

At our company meetup, Alex¬†and Matt challenged each other to photoblog more often. The challenge was also put out to the company, thus my official first entry […]

Grand Meetup 2016

A set of photos from Automattic’s Grand Meetup 2016, see my photos from previous years 2015, 2014, and 2013. This year we were in beautiful Whistler, British […]

Grand Meetup 2015

Each year our entire company gets together for a week at our Grand Meetup. We’re distributed around the world with close to 400 people across 35 countries. […]

Carly and the A11ns

Each year at Automattic we do a company-wide get together called the Grand Meetup, everyone gets together for a week of work and fun. A full set […]

Interval Shooting at Night

There are numerous ways to do photography at night, for the majority of my night photography I’ve simply done single long exposure shots. So all the light […]

Grand Meetup 2014

A set of photos from our company’s Grand Meetup in Park City, Utah. I also went out at night and took a few photos, you can see […]

Grand Meetup 2013

A set of photos from our company Grand Meetup, which was over a week in San Francisco and Santa Cruz. Automattic is a distributed company with over […]