Roll 38, 2016

Roll 38, 2016 is another roll of the new JCH Streetpan 400 film. I really like this film, it has a good contrast and a nice punchy look. It feels very different than the HP5 posted in the previous week. First part of the roll was shot heading up to Mission Dolores in San Francisco.… Continue reading Roll 38, 2016

Roll 37, 2016

Roll 37 is one of my more disappointing rolls from the series. It is a roll of Ilford HP5 shot on the Bronica ETRSi. I’m not sure if it’s the subject, film, camera, or what but I don’t really like anything coming off this roll, for whatever reason I’m just not feeling them. Shots taken… Continue reading Roll 37, 2016

Roll 34, 2016

Roll 34 in my 52 rolls project is a roll of black and white film. Surprisingly, I haven’t shot any black and white in many many years; it was all I shot when I first started. I’m training for a half-marathon in October and started working on improving my speed at the local high school… Continue reading Roll 34, 2016

Banff at Night

f/2.8, 15s, ISO 3200

My team had a meetup in Banff, Canada which is a Canadian National Park located in the Rocky Mountains. I was a little concerned being in the mountains, in Canada, in January; I’m from California and all. Thankfully, the temperatures weren’t too bad and I was able to get myself out 3 out of the… Continue reading Banff at Night

Texas Ribs in B&W

Black and white and food don’t necessarily mix well, particularly if you’re aiming for making the food look delicious. However, if you’re going after a gritty greasy shot, and for some texas beef ribs, maybe it works. You tell me.