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Roll 38, 2016

Roll 38, 2016 is another roll of the new JCH Streetpan 400 film. I really like this film, it has a good contrast and a nice punchy […]

Roll 37, 2016

Roll 37 is one of my more disappointing rolls from the series. It is a roll of Ilford HP5 shot on the Bronica ETRSi. I’m not sure […]

Roll 35, 2016

Roll 35 in my 52 rolls project is a roll of the new film JCH Streetpan, created by Bellamy Hunt, aka JapanCameraHunter. It is far more common […]

Roll 34, 2016

Roll 34 in my 52 rolls project is a roll of black and white film. Surprisingly, I haven’t shot any black and white in many many years; […]

Thoughts on B&W and Color Photography

I set out on a 30-day challenge to shoot Street Photography, which I define as people in an urban environment; with a strong emphasis on people. I’m […]

Theatre Crowd

Banff at Night

My team had a meetup in Banff, Canada which is a Canadian National Park located in the Rocky Mountains. I was a little concerned being in the […]

Desert Road

Freeway Series

Rain Clouds

River Boat

Patio Seating

Something in the Shade of Gray

Pier into the Bay

Ocean Gradient

Grand Meetup 2014

A set of photos from our company’s Grand Meetup in Park City, Utah. I also went out at night and took a few photos, you can see […]

Purple Daisies

San Mateo County History Museum

Texas Ribs in B&W

Black and white and food don’t necessarily mix well, particularly if you’re aiming for making the food look delicious. However, if you’re going after a gritty greasy […]

View from the Top

Top of the Rock #305

Manhattan #291

Brooklyn Bridge Bokeh

Serendipity Diptych

Rockefeller Center Diptych

The Museum of Modern Art

New York Public Library


Diamond District

Selling Dogs at Night

Trees & Water Tower

Grand Central Terminal