High Desert

Each Christmas we travel down to the Palmdale/Lancaster area to visit my wife’s family. My wife lived there as a teenager and not really a fan of the desert. I think there is an odd beauty in the emptiness. You can see my photos from last year and 2014, and an airplane park.

Four Aces

I saw a series of photos from an old friend I used to shoot with of the Four Aces Movie Set which is out in Palmdale, CA. Since I was going to be out there during Christmas holidays, I set out to find it. Unfortunately, I had two sleeping kids in the car, so could… Continue reading Four Aces

Antelope Valley

For the holidays, we traveled to Antelope Valley to spend time with family. Antelope Valley is the high desert in southern California about an hour north of Los Angeles. My daughters have a hard time taking naps while we’re there so I end up driving them around spending hours through the desert. Here are a… Continue reading Antelope Valley