Twelves #8 – Sturbridge

Old Sturbridge Village is a re-creation of an 1830’s New England Village, a large outdoor living history museum. The village sits on 200 acres and consists of 40 original buildings you can explore, including homes, meetinghouses, a school, country store, bank, pottery and glass trade shops. Sturbridge Village is a great way to see how… Continue reading Twelves #8 – Sturbridge

Stanford Today

Stanford continues to be near the center of activity for Silicon Valley. The University continues to grow, attracting entrepreneur minded students, and perpetuating a progressive ethos that has been part of the area since the Gold Rush. The core of Silicon Valley started at Stanford and expanded mostly south to Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara,… Continue reading Stanford Today

Together, Alone

A series I started while doing my street photography challenge. I didn’t necessarily start out trying to capture individuals by themselves or have much of an idea. I just went out and shot. While reviewing several sets of film after it came back I began to notice the pattern. With this series and my recently… Continue reading Together, Alone

El Camino Real

El Camino Real, the King’s Road, is a 600-mile road in California from San Diego to San Francisco. Starting in 1683, the Spanish Missionaries traveled the road establishing a set of Missions along the route. Most of the major cities in the San Francisco Bay Area, and California as a whole, were founded along the… Continue reading El Camino Real