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Fuji-X Film Simulations

One of the great things about using Fujifilm X-Series cameras is the wonderful film simulations, they are also one of the worst things. There are a handful […]

Fujifilm X-Pro2 Tips

Here are a couple of tips for using the Fuji X-Pro2, the tips might apply to your camera even if not the XP2. Hand Grip Base Plate […]

Fuji X-T1 Review

Last year I wrote about my new Fuji X100s camera; it was (and still is) a great camera, one of my all-time favorites. However, as the tech […]

My New Camera – Fuji X100s

My new camera is a Fuji X100s, I sold a bunch of my old manual cameras and lenses and picked up this Fuji rangefinder. I’ve had the […]