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Marcus Kazmierczak

Mister Donut

A Bite to Eat at the Train Station

Kyoto Train Station

Pagoda and Wood Frame

Bullet Train Motion

Bullet Train and Conductor

Building in Sunlight

Building Geometry

Curved Bridge

Font of Absolution

Itsukushima Shrine Gate


Screen Door

Sunset and City Outline

Hiroshima Monuments at Night

T-Bridge and Reflection at Night

The KultBag patiently waits for the train

Spinning Lights

The Street at Night in Osaka

Sunset on an Osaka Street

Flowers outside the Train Station


Waiting to Play

The Slide at the Park

Relaxing under the Cherry Tree

A Street Scene with a Bag of Oranges

Hakone Torii Detail

Funincular Pigs

Architect’s Geometry Lesson

Fishes at the Market

Octopus at the Market

Traffic at Night