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Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Our first visit to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, we were quite hopefully for the cherry blossoms. However, we were either a week or two earlier, or maybe […]

View from the Top

Top of the Rock #305

Manhattan #291

Brooklyn Bridge Bokeh

Serendipity Diptych

Rockefeller Center Diptych

The Museum of Modern Art

New York Public Library


Diamond District

Selling Dogs at Night

Trees & Water Tower

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal

The Chrysler Building

Fortitude, the Lion

Going to the library at night

Rickshawing in Times Square

Smoking at Times Square

Times Square

2 Times Square

Times Square

NY Building


Cupcakes and Pie

Cafe Wha?

Power of the Queen

Brooklyn Bridge #1015

Brooklyn Bridge #999

Brooklyn Bridge #994

Gates Fabric in the Wind