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Lost Lake Park

While out doing night photography with a group , I took a break from shooting the lake and stars and walked around Lost Lake Park. You can […]

Lost Lake By Night

A group of us went out to Lost Lake to shoot at night, with hope to see the northern lights. Supposedly, it was good aurora season, we’re […]

Towers at Night on Film

I recently got back some film that had a couple of night shots from the Grand Meetup in October. I was quite happy with the result, the […]

Interval Shooting at Night

There are numerous ways to do photography at night, for the majority of my night photography I’ve simply done single long exposure shots. So all the light […]

Tripod Not Required

Night photography usually means bringing a tripod and setting up for long exposures. This doesn’t have to always be the case, here are two ideas on taking […]

What’s in my night photography bag?

Here’s almost everything pulled out of my typical bag I carry for a night photography shoot. It is a bit more than I normally carry, but night […]

Banff at Night

My team had a meetup in Banff, Canada which is a Canadian National Park located in the Rocky Mountains. I was a little concerned being in the […]

Intro to Night Photography

Overview The long exposures of night photography allow for surprises and interesting results, but low light and long exposures can be a bit tricky. This guide will […]

Embarcadero Lights

The Breakers at Night

Park City at Night

Lisbon at Night

SF Skyline @ Night

Gas Station

Harris Ranch

Diamond District

Selling Dogs at Night

The Chrysler Building

Fortitude, the Lion

Going to the library at night

Midnight in Inner Sunset

Moon over Mare Island

Night Photography

Traffic Downtown Brisbane

The Story Bridge at Night

The Goodwill Bridge at Night

Opera House at Night #5

Opera House and Cafes at Night

Harbour Bridge at Night

de Young at Night

Windmill at Night

A Ghost of Angel Island