Roll 57, 2016

Roll #57 is on the penultimate week to my 52 rolls project, since I’m right down to the end and ending at around 60 total rolls, I can pick and choose a little the last ones to post. I have a few rolls I’ve shot for some series I’m putting together, so skipping to this… Continue reading Roll 57, 2016

Roll 53, 2016

Roll 53 is a roll of JCH Streetpan taken with my Nikon FM2. A set of shots from a couple of hikes to Lost Lake in Whistler, British Columbia. The weather was a bit rainy and cold, but it didn’t stop a couple from jumping in. We were just standing there taking a few shots… Continue reading Roll 53, 2016

Roll 48, 2016

Roll 48 is a roll of Fuji Natura 1600, which turned out very muddy and not that interesting. I shot the film previously in Roll 14 with much better results. Even though its 1600, looks like it really wants a lot of light to make good exposures. The first few shots of the roll were… Continue reading Roll 48, 2016

Roll 44, 2016

Roll 44 is once again a roll of Kodak Portra shot on Nikon FM2n. I skipped roll 43 which was fairly mediocre, part of some film camera tests, not all tests pass. A set of shots from a few series I’m working on around the change in the Bay Area, including lots of construction and… Continue reading Roll 44, 2016

Roll 42, 2016

Roll 42 is a roll of Kodak Portra shot on a Nikon FM2n. The roll was supplemental shots for my Silicon Valley project taken overlooking the salt flats in Redwood City, and Moffett Field in Mountain View. Shots taken on: Nikon FM2n, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8, Kodak Portra 400 Developed and scanned by Little Film Lab

Roll 41, 2016

Roll 41 is a roll of Kodak Portra shot on a Nikon FM2n, which I just noticed is the first roll I’ve shot on this camera this series, which probably means I miss labeled something at some point. Unlike the last few rolls, I’m pretty happy how these turned out, a Nikon manual camera with… Continue reading Roll 41, 2016