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Calculating an Exposure

No light meter? No problem! Announcing, Light WTF, a mobile web app used to calculate your exposure. The site includes a general exposure calculator, as well as […]

Roll 30, 2016

Roll 30 is another roll from my homemade pinhole, shot at the Golden Gate National Cemetery trying to capture flags in the wind. I’ve gone there before […]

Roll 29, 2016

Roll 29 is a roll from my homemade pinhole I wrote about last week, took it out on a trip to our farmer’s market. Shots taken on: […]

Roll 28, 2016

Roll 28 in my 52 rolls project was shot on a homemade pinhole camera. I built the camera using a cheap Vivitar Ultra camera, which is a […]

Embarcadero through a Pinhole

Thing through Pinhole

Searching for UFOs

Satellite Dish

Craggily Tree

The Tower of Power

Do you see the forest or trees?

House through a Pinhole