South of Market, Janet Delaney

South of Market is a photography book focusing on a San Francisco neighborhood during a time of urban renewal during the 1970’s and 80’s. This review covers the exhibition catalog that accompanied the de Young exhibit. The original hardcover book is sold out and now quite expensive. Janet Delaney is a photographer who moved to… Continue reading South of Market, Janet Delaney

Ghirardelli Square

A few shots at Ghirardelli Square playing with a panoramic film back on the Bronica ETRSi. The Bronica is a medium format system with interchangeable backs, the 135W back takes 35mm film and exposes across the 6cm width, giving a 60mm x 24mm frame, a normal 35mm shot is 36mm x 24mm.

Google I/O

A set of photos from this year’s Google I/O, a pretty amazing and inspiring event; from textiles, to mini radar, to VR and 360-degree movies; Google put on a pretty amazing show!