Roll 53, 2016

Roll 53 is a roll of JCH Streetpan taken with my Nikon FM2. A set of shots from a couple of hikes to Lost Lake in Whistler, British Columbia. The weather was a bit rainy and cold, but it didn’t stop a couple from jumping in. We were just standing there taking a few shots… Continue reading Roll 53, 2016

Roll 46, 2016

Roll 46 is a roll of JCH Streetpan shot with a Contax lens on the Yashica FR-1. My previous shots with the Yashica were a bit spotty which I blamed the lens for, after looking at this roll I think it might be the photographer. For this roll I didn’t use the camera meter but… Continue reading Roll 46, 2016

Roll 38, 2016

Roll 38, 2016 is another roll of the new JCH Streetpan 400 film. I really like this film, it has a good contrast and a nice punchy look. It feels very different than the HP5 posted in the previous week. First part of the roll was shot heading up to Mission Dolores in San Francisco.… Continue reading Roll 38, 2016