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The Quad Tilt Shifted

View the CaƱada College photo set published on Flickr which includes an alternate on this photo. Also a similar tilt-shift of same quad I previous posted here […]

T-Street Beach

Lisbon’s Golden Gate

Lisbon from the Terrace

The house we are staying at in Lisbon has a terrace on top with an awesome view of the city and bay.

Sun setting on the Mission

Relaxing on the Quad

In the Nursery

Miniature Suburbia

I just discovered the miniaturization feature on my camera the other day, which totally blows my mind. Almost ten years ago, a few of us were making […]

At the Conservatory

Villa Terrace

Model Neighborhood

Model House B+W

Model Home

Opera House and Harbour Bridge

Tents at the Yerba Buena Center


SF Homes, Inner Sunset

Suburbia #3

Suburbia #2

Suburbia #1