Antelope Valley

For the holidays, we traveled to Antelope Valley to spend time with family. Antelope Valley is the high desert in southern California about an hour north of Los Angeles. My daughters have a hard time taking naps while we’re there so I end up driving them around spending hours through the desert. Here are a… Continue reading Antelope Valley

Photo Year in Review 2014

On Sept 3, I started a photo streak publishing a photo each day. I was disappointed I had only published 16 photos previously. I don’t remember what my initial streak goal was but after a week or two, my target became posting a photo for 100 straight days. Streak is currently at 118 days straight… Continue reading Photo Year in Review 2014

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Christmas Village

The girls loved their Aunt’s elaborate Christmas Village. There were so many interesting things to see from houses to churches, horses and carriages and even a moving skating rink and ferris wheel. It’s funny how the idyllic view of Christmas persists as a scene of snow, sleighs and a small New England town. Especially for… Continue reading Christmas Village