Monterey Bay Panoramas

We took the girls down to Monterey Bay Aquarium, it is such a beautiful place and a wonderful spring day. A chance to really try out a new bit of software my co-worker Donncha introduced me to, a photo editor by Microsoft called, Image Composite Editor. ICE does pretty much what it sounds like, image… Continue reading Monterey Bay Panoramas

Vanishing Point

This reminds me of perspective lessons taught in drawing class; draw building and train tracks to a vanishing point. I’m failing miserably at my street photography challenge but starting to build up some photos for my next project. More on that later.

My Street Photography Challenge

Fuji XT-1. Industar-69 28/2.8

I’ve started a “30-day” challenge to primarily shoot street photography, it likely will go longer than 30-days but will be at least that long. I hope to find the time by going for walks during lunch time start. We have a discussion board at work on photography and had a good thread about street photography… Continue reading My Street Photography Challenge

Trick or Treating

We went out trick or treating with a group of 12 kids, all under the age of 6. So you can imagine the chaos and excitement, it was difficult to get clear shots but I think these two captured the mood pretty well.