Twelves #3 – Spring

The third installment in my Twelves project was focused on Spring and includes three looks at Spring time. There is something a little magical about Spring, coming out of winter, all the trees and flowers wake up and blossom to greet the new season. We had some much needed rain and a colder winter in California, so appreciate the weather warming even more.

First set of four images on Spring is looking at the trees and blossoms in the community and how they are integrated in as we go about our days. It’s a wonderful reminder when turning a corner and seeing a huge tree full of white pom poms.

Secondly, Spring time is gardening time for me. I enjoy going out and planting my garden each year; picking out new vegetables, and in a small way connecting with earth and nature. I’m thrilled that my daughters are interested and enjoy helping out, they are great helpers and very excited to watch their plants grow. Each day when they come home they run out back to check on them.

The final set is of the wisteria at our house, each year it blooms and smells so wonderful. It is simply appreciating the sun and beauty of the flowers.

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