We took a nice family vacation in Hawaii and spent a few days at Aulani, the Disney Resort on Oahu. It is a wonderful place, great hospitality, and thankfully not a crazy full Disney immersion, a few characters here and there, but mostly focused on the beach, pools and relaxing. The top cover photo of […]

The above photo looks like an interesting story. Why is she hiding from her upset father? Is that really her father, how much trouble is she going to get into when he finds her? What did she do to upset him? However, the above stories would all be wrong. The power of cropping the image […]

I used Lightroom’s new photo merge feature to stitch together six photos to create the following panorama, it created a 17,166 x 10,661 picture weighing in at 561mb. Yowzers!

Getting into photography can be intimidating with all the jargon and technical terms. Your camera itself is pretty intimidating with the dials, menus and buttons galore. This guide is to explain some of the fundamentals and help improve your photography. Photography: Light and Time Photography is all about recording light, which is exactly the definition […]

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