Pigeon Point Lighthouse

We tried going whale watching at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse a couple of times. We might of saw some blowhole spray off in the distance, but nothing all that close. The drive to Pescadero and the location is still quite beautiful and a nice spot for a picnic.

Size Matters

An aspect of digital photography that I quite dislike is everything is the same size; and now with Instagram, everything is becoming the same square aspect-ratio. How boring and monotonous, every photo being the same size and aspect-ratio. What a loss, the ability to express any additional meaning by the print size. If you go… Continue reading Size Matters

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Bronica ETRSi 135W

The Bronica ETRSi is a modular medium format system, see my full Bronica ETRSi 645 review. The common film back that I use is the 6×4.5 that you can see in my recent Muir Woods set, this back gives nice consistent results. The other back I have is a 135W back, that uses 35mm film… Continue reading Bronica ETRSi 135W

Muir Woods

We went up to Muir Woods for a hike, the trees are majestic and the park is beautiful. It is a wonderful place to take a break from this crazy world and walk among trees that are over 600 hundred years old. The park is open but requires reservations to be made ahead of time.… Continue reading Muir Woods

Cherry Picking

After two months of home confinement and everyone going stir crazy, we needed an outing. So, we went cherry picking to an orchard in South San Jose. It was just the day out we all needed.

Stanford Redwood City

Stanford University developed an industrial area in Redwood City, establishing it’s first new significant location outside the main Palo Alto campus.

Snow Trip

Our first family trip up to the snow, the girls loved it! It wasn’t fresh or that good of snow — it’s been fairly dry this winter in California — but we got sunny days and did find enough to go sledding. I even brought a camera and remembered how to use it — it’s… Continue reading Snow Trip