One of the great benefits of using Lightroom is the ability to sort photos based off exif data. I can filter by camera or lens pretty easily for digital cameras which automatically attach exif data to […]

Exif Data for Analog Film

The oft given benefit of mirrorless cameras like my Fuji X-T1 is the size and weight of the camera. It delivers great performance and image quality while being much smaller and lighter, so you are more likely to […]

The Tripod Ballhead and Mirrorless Camera

The above photo looks like an interesting story. Why is she hiding from her upset father? Is that really her father, how much trouble is she going to get into when he finds her? What did […]

Composition, Elements and Framing

Getting into photography can be intimidating with all the jargon and technical terms. Your camera itself is pretty intimidating with the dials, menus and buttons galore. This guide is to explain some of the fundamentals and […]

Photography Fundamentals

I’m starting the Tiny Photography Newsletter, which is a newsletter about really small photos. Oh, not really, its a photography newsletter using the Tiny Letter service by Mailchimp and I really wasn’t creative enough to come […]

Tiny Photography Newsletter

I noticed the other day I’ve been shooting digital for about as long as I shot film, this observation prompted this retrospective on my gear history and future. I started to get “serious” about photography back […]

8 Years Film, 8 Years Digital

We took the girls down to Monterey Bay Aquarium, it is such a beautiful place and a wonderful spring day. A chance to really try out a new bit of software my co-worker Donncha introduced me […]

Monterey Bay Panoramas

I started an idea for a photo exhibit over 14 years ago and haven’t done much with it since the initial burst. I cleaned up my photos and came across the original scans I made, all […]

Small World, a photo exhibit