Bronica ETRSi 135W

The Bronica ETRSi is a modular medium format system, see my full Bronica ETRSi 645 review. The common film back that I use is the 6×4.5 that you can see in my recent Muir Woods set, this back gives nice consistent results.

The other back I have is a 135W back, that uses 35mm film in a wide format, approx 56×24mm. I really want this back to work, because I love the wide format, but it’s results are not quite so consistent.

So, as it has happened before, the back is finnicky it advances film poorly and usually scratches up the film something fierce. Once, once I did have a good roll go through, so I’ll keep trying every so often.

Here are the latest fails from the most recent attempt.

USDA Choice Beef
Self Checkout
Wine Country + Car
Golden Gate Lookout Point
San Francisco Bay