Film Mistakes

I mentioned yesterday my desire for a panorama film back for the Bronica ETRSi. I actually purchased a 35mm back which I thought was this back I wanted. It wasn’t. I discovered this after shooting a roll through, there are two different backs for the Bronica system. The 135N back, which I bought, allows for shooting normal 35mm format, the 135W is the wide angle back that I wanted.

I noticed something was up when I was half way through the roll, composing and shooting like it was a wide angle back but the counter and film didn’t stop. I kept shooting and was getting closer and closer to the 24-exp count of the roll and knew something wasn’t quite right, if this was wide it should have stopped around 12 or 15 frames.

Also, not only did I have a normal back, I loaded the back wrong. There is a slot that film should go through that blocks the frame. I loaded it across the top of this frame which led to some scratching but almost gave me what I wanted. If only the film advanced as I expected. However, everything got double exposed on each side making an interesting mess of it all.

One of the joys of film, easier to make mistakes. Remember, always run a test roll through any new camera or equipment.

Here are two shots that turned out interesting.