Roll 1, 2016

Week 1 of a new project I’m starting, 52 Rolls, shooting a roll of film a week for 2016.

Everything won’t quite be real time, since (1) film doesn’t work that way and (2) I send my film out for processing and typically send multiple rolls at a time, turnaround time is about a week. So I’ve queued up a few weeks in advance to keep the schedule, so anything shot today likely won’t be published for three to four weeks but that really won’t make difference to you the viewer.

Roll 1: Fuji Superia (expired)

First roll teaches me the lesson to not shoot expired film. It sounds hip and cool; I used to shoot expired film back taking photo classes since it gives unique results. However, it kinda sucks when you forget you have an expired roll in and shoot family shots that you wished came out nice. So after getting this set back, I tossed all my expired film in the garbage. No more expired film.

Also, I haven't set any rules on how many pictures from a roll I'll publish, I think I'll aim for minimum two or three shots. I still want to post a high level of interesting work, so likely won't ever publish the whole roll.