Roll 28, 2016

Roll 28 in my 52 rolls project was shot on a homemade pinhole camera. I built the camera using a cheap Vivitar Ultra camera, which is a tiny step up from a disposable camera. I removed the lens and added a pinhole punched out of a brass shim and created a custom cardboard slider for the exposure. It’s completely janky, but it works.


I ended up shooting three rolls of film before getting them processed, but this is more or less the results I was looking to achieve. I choose Porta 160 film to give an even longer exposure, most shots are around 1-2 seconds, and what should be obvious, all were handheld, without really trying to hold steady.

I was inspired by Jon Wilkening and his pinhole shots. I love the way his turn out, I didn’t quite achieve the finesse he’s able to coax out of it, but I’m still pleased.

389930030002 389930030012 389930030013 389930030016

Shots taken on: Vivitar Ultra, Pinhole, Kodak Portra 160
Developed and scanned by The FIND Lab