Foster City Carnival

I was very surprised and proud to find out that my Foster City Carnival photo set received 3rd place in the National Press Photographers Best of Photojournalism 2006 awards; I won in the Amateur Photo Blogs, Festival and Events category.

I was talking to a photo journalist friend who was quite impressed / jealous, he said he’d been shooting for over 10 years and haven’t received anything from the National Press Photographers. I think I got lucky in a niche category, but still pretty cool. 🙂

Shot on a Holga.

Fun on the Ride


Carnies Double

Try Your Luck

Vrooom vroom

Ferris Wheel and Crowd

Fried Foods



Merry Go Round

Here are some additional shots of the carnival at night that were not part of the award set. These were shot on a Hasselblad 501cm.

Concession Stand

Spinning Lights


Ready to Fly

Ferris Wheel at Night