Twelves #5 - Flash

For my fifth installment of twelves project, I focused on non-natural light in the form of off-camera flash. You can see my setup in initial post, and also two updated articles in basic portrait and moving around posts.

It turned out to be relatively easy to get good results, primarily two things getting the flash off the camera and diffusing with an umbrella. After that just required a little bit of playing around with the settings to get a good exposure. A huge benefit for digital that you can see the results as you dial in the flash setting as you need it.

As you can see most of my tests were portraits, using my two willing assistants. However using the same setup, it was just as easy to take a product shot, as seen as the feature photo above of my Nikon FM2n.

Here is a photo of my setup I used for the photo of the camera. I just used a piece of black construction paper we had around and used that as the backdrop and then shot with the flash to camera right.

Flash photography was not nearly as complicated as it initially seemed, with relatively little equipment, just $150 – I was able to get good results and can take any time of the day since I don’t need to rely on natural light.

Here’s my equipment list: